Corporate Wellness Packages

Here at Peak Labs we understand that people spend a large portion of time at work. If you look at the average person's day they spend about nine hours at work, eight hours sleeping, and 7 hours at home/personal time. If we're spending this much time at work and only a few hours a day are left for personal time we think it makes sense, and will result in better performance, if we fuse work and health a little better than we have in the past. We know time is important to employers so we work with some of the best brands and experts in the business to deliver the quickest and most optimal performance and recovery products and protocols for the workplace. Resulting in healthier, happier, and more productive employees. We offer both performance and recovery options. Here's some details on each. 

Performance Package 


Curve Treadmill 


Performance Package 

Treatment table or recliner 

Full Body Massager 

Red Light Therapy 

Total Body Realignment w/ Halo Neuroscience and Calm App

Flexvit bundle 

Yoga Mats