FLEXVIT Carry Bag & Acupressure Myoball

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The FLEXVIT Carry Bag enables you to easily transport your FLEXVIT bands, and similar tools, when you're on the go. The FLEXVIT carry bag also can be used as a wash-net when you're ready to give you bands a refresh. 


The Acupressure MyoBall is soft and pleasant to touch. The bumps on the surface provide a healthy stimulation of the pressure points. Great for use pre or post workout to increase blood flow and proprioception.


Suggested Use 

FLEXVIT products & Acupressure Myoball can be used in a number of settings:

  • Training at home and on the move (hotel, office, beach)
  • Rehab training
  • Athletic training in all sports 
  • Prehab before training sessions
  • Group training in clubs and gyms
  • Personal Training
  • Corporate Health Management 
  • Outdoor and Crossfit training
  • Additional tool for Yoga, Pilates, Stretching, Mobility and more.