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FC Westchester Training Kit (Zone 2)

FC Westchester Training Kit (Zone 2)

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This Mini Band, Revolve Band, and Door Anchor training package is great for any fitness enthusiast, athlete, or active individual interested in maintaining or restoring their mobility, flexibility, and strength in a lightweight and portable matter.  

This Training Pack consists of:  
- 1 FLEXVIT Mini Band
- 1 FLEXVIT Revolve Band
- 1 FLEXVIT Door Anchor
- 1 Gear Bag
FLEXVIT bands are made of a washable fabric textile and come in various resistance levels. Making them great for therapy, fitness and everyone in-between. More comfortable and durable than latex rubber alternatives and manufactured in Germany for superior quality. 
Product Highlights
  • Fabric Textile For Comfort
  • Various Resistance Levels
  • Washable up to 140 Degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Advanced Tear Resistant Technology 
  • Eco-certified  

Suggested Use

FLEXVIT Bands can be used for a number of activities. 

  • Training at home and on the move (hotel, office, beach)
  • Rehab training
  • Athletic training in all sports 
  • Prehab before training sessions
  • Group training in clubs and gyms
  • Personal Training
  • Corporate Health Management 
  • Outdoor and Crossfit training
  • Additional tool for Yoga, Pilates, Stretching, Mobility and more.
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