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FLEXVIT Resistance Bands

FLEXVIT Resistance Bands bands are lightweight, versatile, and highly effective training tools that can be used anytime, anywhere. FLEXVIT bands are made of an innovative fabric material to provide a more comfortable grip and better user experience when compared to traditional resistance bands. 

FLEXVIT Bands are manufactured in Germany under OEKO-TEK® standards for unmatched quality and comfort with advanced snap resistant technology making snapping, rolling, and uncomfortable bands a thing of the past. Available in various band styles and resistance levels to accommodate any age, fitness level, or training program.

Make the switch to FLEXVIT to take advantage of all the pro's resistance band training has to offer without the con's that come with traditional rubber style resistance bands.

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The FLEXVIT Complete Set


A full gym that conveniently fits into a bag and gives you one of the most versatile total body workouts yet. Build muscle, lose weight, strengthen, and tone with low impact on your joints and superior muscle activation via Linear Variable Resistance (LVR) provided by FLEXVIT Resistance Bands*

PAT.fit Functional Training Tools

A personal massage therapist (PATrigger), portable gym (PATband), and fully body movement map (PATmat) to take your functional training to the next level. 

*Take advantage of introductory pricing - Happening now through 6/30/21*

Myobuddy Massagers

Massage therapy is essential to recovery and overall well being. It's been shown to promote physical relaxation, improved circulation which nourishes cells and improves waste elimination, relieve tight muscles (knots), and sooth other aches and pains.

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