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FLEXVIT Resistance Bands


No gym? No Problem. At home and on-the-go training has never been more convenient and effective. FLEXVIT Resistance Bands allow you to turn any space into a mini fitness studio. Whether you’re undergoing a rehab protocol, trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, or preparing for a competitive event FLEXVIT Resistance Bands can help you achieve your goal — anytime, anywhere


Unlike conventional weights such as dumbbells, kettlebells, or barbells resistance bands provide tension through movement via Linear Variable Resistance (LVR). With LVR the resistance strength changes throughout movement. The further you stretch a FLEXVIT band, the more resistance it will provide and vice versa. This makes your muscle work hardest at the end range of movement where you are the strongest and easiest at the beginning portion of the movement where you are most susceptible to potential injury. This form of resistance more closely matches the normal strength curve of our muscles resulting in a lower impact on your joints and superior muscle activation*

The FLEXVIT Complete Set


A full gym that conveniently fits into a bag and gives you one of the most versatile total body workouts yet. Build muscle, lose weight, strengthen, and tone with low impact on your joints and superior muscle activation via Linear Variable Resistance (LVR) provided by FLEXVIT Resistance Bands*

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Virtual Training Sessions are happening everyday! Bring your favorite FLEXVIT Bands and receive guided training sessions with coaching via Zoom. Provided by VSP Westchester. 

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