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FLEXVIT Daily 7 Poster

FLEXVIT Daily 7 Poster

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"Daily 7" are exercises based on the seven basic human movement patterns. With this high-quality poster you are always in view for your daily training.

  • 28 exercises for different levels of difficulty and bands
  • 4 exercises per movement pattern
  • Illustrative illustrations for each exercise

Product Specs  

  • High Quality Print 
  • Height: 16.5" 
  • Width: 11.625" 

    Suggested Use  

    FLEXVIT bands are available in various band styles and resistance levels to accommodate any age, fitness level, or workout program. They can be used for mobility, flexibility, strength training, and more in a number of settings such as: 

    • At home and on-the-go 
    • Physical Therapy 
    • Sports Performance and Athletic Training 
    • Group Exercise, Group Classes, and Group Training 
    • 1-1 Personal Training
    • Corporate Health Programs
    • Outdoor and Crossfit Training
    • Yoga, Pilates, Martial Arts, and more
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