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FLEXVIT Door Anchor

FLEXVIT Door Anchor

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The FLEXVIT Door Anchor broadens the range of training with FLEXVIT bands. No gym? No Problem. At home exercises have never been more convenient and effective. FLEXVIT Resistance Bands allow you to turn any space into a mini fitness studio. Making everyday settings (home, office, hotel) into a personal gym. Thanks to its smart design, it fits most types of doors and can be fixed in a variable position (observe conditions of use).
FLEXVIT Door Anchor

Product Highlights

  • Fits in most doors (door types)
  • Can be used from both sides of the door 
  • Can be fixed to the door at the side, top, or bottom
  • The position can be easily and quickly changed according to the chosen exercise
  • Solid material (PES belt material, heat-set)
  • Carabiner mechanism for quick and easy setup
  • Can fix either one end or both of bands
  • Made in Germany 

FLEXVIT Door Anchor

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