FC Westchester Training Kit (Zone 3)

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Designed for those looking to excel with resistance band training. This combo pack is great for high end athletes and fitness enthusiasts after peak performance. This training pack consists of: 
- 1 FLEXVIT Mini Band
- 1 FLEXVIT Revolve Band
- 1 FLEXVIT Resist Band
- 1 PATrigger
- 1 FLEXVIT Door Anchor
- 1 Gear Bag
FLEXVIT bands are made of a washable fabric textile and come in various resistance levels. Making them great for therapy, fitness and everyone in-between. More comfortable and durable than latex rubber alternatives and manufactured in Germany for superior quality. 
Product Highlights
  • Fabric Textile For Comfort
  • Various Resistance Levels
  • Washable up to 140 Degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Advanced Tear Resistant Technology 
  • Eco-certified  


Suggested Use

FLEXVIT Bands can be used for a number of activities. 

  • Training at home and on the move (hotel, office, beach)
  • Rehab training
  • Athletic training in all sports 
  • Prehab before training sessions
  • Group training in clubs and gyms
  • Personal Training
  • Corporate Health Management 
  • Outdoor and Crossfit training
  • Additional tool for Yoga, Pilates, Stretching, Mobility and more.