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The PATrigger combines many functions into one lightweight and portable tool. The innovative design of the Roll allows for the inclusion of two additional tools on each side - Ball and Avocado, which can be used in combination with the fascia roller or individually. As a training tool, the PATrigger helps your performance and perfect functional exercises. It makes it easier to move your body into specific positions and stabilize it. Making it the perfect training partner. With the PATrigger you can reach all body regions. Use it as a stretching tool to relieve joints or trigger and treat special parts of the body. 


PATrigger Stability

Myofascial release and self massage with the Roll, Ball, or avocado is highly effective and can be performed pre and post training anytime, anywhere. The surface of the PATrigger components replicates human skin resulting in an optimal effect.The PE foam material is firm, lightweight and skin-friendly.  

PATrigger calf roll

The PATrigger allows a total of seven different setups due to the different combination possibilities of the individual massage tools and is therefore a versatile training device.

PATrigger Stretch

Product Highlights


  • Light, Robust, and Versatile
  • Fits into most gym bags or backpacks 
  • Takes up minimal space in gym, common area, or office space
  • Fascia roller for self-massage
  • Triggerstick for muscle release
  • Training tool for multi functional use at the gym, at home, or on-the-go


Suggested Use

The PATrigger can be used for mobility, flexibility, strength training, and more in a number of settings such as: 

  • At home and on-the-go 
  • Physical Therapy 
  • Sports Performance and Athletic Training 
  • Group Exercise, Group Classes, and Group Training 
  • 1-1 Personal Training
  • Corporate Health Programs
  • Outdoor and Crossfit Training
  • Yoga, Pilates, Martial Arts, and more
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